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Chlorine is universally used to disinfect water. During the shower, Chlorine is vaporized & enters through our Lungs & Pores of Skin. Chlorine’s pungent smell can irritate our Eyes, Nose, Throat, Lungs & Mucous Membrane. It can also cause Heart Diseases, Asthma, Bladder & Colon Cancer. It can damage both our Hairs & Skin, causes Baldness & Itchy Skin. Due to the presence of CaCO3 & MgSO4 in Water, the water becomes Hard & Pipes become Clogged due to Scale & Corrosion. This scale & corrosion also Effects badly on our Health.

In-Expansive Solution

to Expansive Health Risks

Clogged Pipes

Dry Skin

Skin Itching

Eyes Itching

Smelly Water

Whole House Filtration System is the Ultimate solution against un-treated water, contains high amount of Chlorine, Dirt, Sediment, Bad Odor, CaCO3, MgSO4, Heavy Metals & VOC’s , So you will get a soft, purified water for Showering, Cooking & Gardening. Whole House Filtration System means Purified water throughout your entire house. It improves your quality of life, Prevent you & your Family from several Diseases & save your Money as well.

“Whole House Filtration System”
Whole House Filtration System 
Main Line Filtration System

With the Whole House Water Filter, you can enjoy quality filtered water throughout your entire home - in your showers, sinks,bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers, all at an unbeatable price!

By filtering all the water that enters your home, you not only greatly enhance the healthfulness of your household water, but you also dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

Suitable for the home or small business environment, this deluxe whole of house water filter is certified to filter out 99.99% of chlorine, bad taste, odours and sediment.

It will remove any VOCs or chlorine that may be embedded in clothing when unfiltered water is used in the washing machine. Also, colors will last longer and look newer with the chlorine removed.

The dishwasher releases more VOCs and chloroform into the household indoor air than any other source besides the shower.

Living Room
Garden & Pool

When your life is hydrated by Whole House Filtration System, water problems become just a faded memory. Everything touched by water in your home looks, smells and tastes at its best. Fixtures and appliances stay bright and stain free and last longer. Clothes and towels feel soft and fluffy. And your water is once again clean, clear and enjoyable.

Whole House Filtration System Resolves Water Problems Forever:

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