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Multimedia / Sand Filter

Media Filtration is the most effective method for removal of suspended organic and inorganic solids from water. The media filters operate on the same basic principle as nature’s own ground water filtering process. Contaminated, unfiltered water enters the system through a deflector in the top of the filter and flows, under pressure, through the media where solid particulate is entrapped.

Media filters are known for their capacity to extract and hold large amounts of water-borne particulate while continuing to deliver a rated flow of clean water.

In addition to the filter’s ability to filter large volumes of water with very little pressure drop, one of the outstanding features is the simple backwash operation. This excellent cleaning process is possible due to the highly efficient under drain systems utilized in media filters.

Carbon Filtration

“Activated” Carbon  Filtration is often used to:

Remove Chlorine from municipal water supply to prevent oxidation, and subsequent degradation, of Reverse Osmosis (R O) Membranes

Removal of Organic Contaminants

Improve the Aesthetic quality of water, such as Color, Odor, and Taste

Activated Carbon Filter  take advantage of the amazingly vast surface area possessed by activated carbon. One pound of AC boasts between 60 and 150 acres of surface area! This property allows a relatively small amount of media to attract, hold, and contain large amounts of contaminants.

Advantages of Activated Carbon Filtration Include:

Highly Effective and Efficient at removing Organic Contaminants

Highly Effective and Efficient at removing Chlorine to protect RO Membranes

Relatively Inexpensive with no Recurring Cost of Consumable Chemicals

Easily Cleaned and Maintained

Resistant to Fouling (Clogging)

Filtration Media is Inexpensive and Long-Lasting

Systems are Robust with no Moving Parts inside the Tanks

Control Valves are Modular and Designed for Operational Flexibility

Multimedia / Sand / Carbon Filtration System

The Perfect Choice For Your Industrial Applications