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Services & Maintenance Free Water Testing Free Water Testing Purified Water For Irrigation

Agriculture is by far the largest water use at global level. Irrigation of agricultural lands accounted for 70% of the water used worldwide. In several developing countries, irrigation represents up to 95% of all water uses, and plays a major role in food production and food security. Future agricultural development strategies of most of these countries depend on the possibility to maintain, improve and expand irrigated agriculture.

Salinity Hazard

Salt content in Irrigation Water – Can Be Remove Through Reverse Osmosis Plant

The excess of salts content is one of the major concerns with water used for irrigation. A high salt concentration present in the water and soil will negatively affect the crop yields, degrade the land and pollute groundwater.

The suitability of water reuse for irrigation with high salt content depends on the following factors:

- Salt tolerance of the type of crop

- Characteristics of the soil under irrigation

- Climate conditions. The quality of the irrigation water plays an essential role in arid areas affected by high evaporation rates and cause high concentrations of salt accumulating in the soil.

In general water reuse for irrigation purposes must have a low to medium salinity level

Multimedia Filtration System: For the removal of Heavy Suspended particles from water

Fine Filtration system: For the removal of Sediment, Dirt & Rust particles.

Pressure Switch: Low-pressure cut-off switch to protect high-pressure pump.

Skid Structure: The unit will be mounted on a skid made of high quality metallic structure.

RO High Pressure Pump: High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal pump with Heavy Duty Motor is used.

RO Membrane & Pressure Vessel: High Rejection & Guaranteed better performance Thin Film composite RO membranes are used, which are FDA approved.

Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, TDS / Conductivity meter

Chemical Dozing System & Pressure Regulator Concentrate Valve.

Fully Automatic with High and Low level water float switch.

Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are designed and custom built to meet our Clients requirements and specifications for reliable higher purity water and higher efficiency for a variety of manufacturing processes. Please call us to find the Reverse Osmosis system that works best for AGRICULTURE & IRRIGATION



TDS (ppm or mg/l)

DS/m or mmhos/cm













Irrigation water quality

The water quality used for irrigation is essential for the yield and quantity of crops, maintenance of soil productivity, and protection of the environment. For example, the physical and mechanical properties of the soil, ex. soil structure (stability of aggregates) and permeability, are very sensitive to the type of exchangeable ions present in irrigation waters.

Irrigation water quality can best be determined by chemical laboratory analysis. The most important factors to determine the suitability of water use in agriculture are the following:

- PH

- Salinity Hazard

- Sodium Hazard (Sodium Adsorption Ration or SAR)

- Carbonate and bicarbonates in relation with the Ca & Mg content

- Other trace elements

- Toxic anions

- Nutrients

- Free chlorine