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Why do I have dry skin and hair falling?

There are two common causes for this. The first is hard water—dissolved minerals that are in your tap water. Hard water prevents soaps and shampoos from lathering fully and rinsing away completely, leaving a film on your skin and hair. If you're connected to a public water supply, the second common cause for dry skin and hair are the chemicals used to keep public water safe. When you experience life with Whole House Filtration System, these problems stop cold, and your hair and skin welcome the change.

Why are my clothes, towels and sheets stiff?

You have hard water—that is, your tap water has dissolved minerals in it. Over time, these minerals build up in the fabric, trapping detergent and preventing it from rinsing away. Machine-drying clothing that's filled with mineral and detergent residue literally bakes them into the fabric, robbing it of colours and brightness. Your clothes may look dull and flat and feel rough to the touch. Using Whole House Filtration System means you can look forward to fluffier towels and softer, longer-lasting clothes.

Why are there spots on hard surfaces throughout my home?

You have hard water—that is, your tap water brings dissolved minerals along with it. These minerals are left behind as the water that carries them is dried or evaporates. These spots can show up on hard surfaces throughout your home like your countertops, stainless steel appliances, glassware and even your car if you're washing it with untreated, hard water. When your installed a Whole House Filtration System, your water is freed of these minerals—so spots no longer form and your appliances stay attractive, clean and bright.

Common Water Questions:

Why are there stains in my sink, bathtub and toilet?

Stains can be caused by iron, minerals, natural acid in your water or a combination of these. These stains are usually orange, black or bluish green. As anyone who has tried to clean them can tell you, these stains can be difficult to remove and they come back quickly after cleaning. Once installed Whole House Filtration System, your water returns to its natural clear, clean self—and stains become a thing of the past. And instead of spending time cleaning stains, you can devote it to something far more enjoyable.

Why is my water cloudy?

Cloudy water can be caused by a number of natural and man-made factors. Whatever the reason, murky water gets in the way of enjoying the water in your home. After Whole House Filtration System in your life, your water is restored to its clean, clear self and once again becomes a welcome friend for cooking and bathing.

Why does my water have funny tastes or odours?

It depends on where your water comes from. In its natural state, water is colourless, tasteless and odourless—and you should expect nothing less for the water in your home. Common chemicals used in water treatment, natural minerals and bacteria, or man-made contamination may be acting behind the scenes to give your water funny tastes or odours, such as a "rotten egg" smell or a musty, earthy or metallic taste. When Whole House Filtration System installed in your house, we thoughtfully and completely remove the sources of these annoyances so your water is clean, fresh and enjoyable.

How can better water make my appliances last longer?

Hard water is brutal on appliances. The minerals in the water build up inside pipes, sapping water pressure, using more energy and making your appliances work harder and wear out faster. Your water heater, for example, is likely the second-biggest energy user in your home. When your life is hydrated by Whole House Filtration System, you'll spend 50% less energy heating your water, and your appliances will last longer too.


Showering: Free of Chlorine shower will prevent you from several dangerous diseases like Asthma, Heart Disease & Cancer. Dry Skin & Hair Loss will improve.

Bath Tub: Eliminate rings, stains & soap scum from Bathtub, Commodes, Sinks & Tiles.

Soaps & Shampoos: Less Soaps & Shampoos make More Foam.

Pipes: You get soft, conditioned water which doesn’t promote scale buildup in pipes, offering better water flow & saving your money on costly plumbing repairs.

Water Heater: More efficiency, consumes less energy & last longer

Washing Machine: Protect washing machine from corrosion, reduces 50% of Detergent use.

      Clothes: Clothes become Brighter & last longer without deposits trapped in Fabric.

Dishwasher: Eliminate streak & spots on glass ware & dishes, use less soap. Dishes will sparkle.

Drinking & Cooking: Fresh Purified Water for Drinking, Cooking & Making Baby Feed.

Faucet: Prevent it from Scaling & Corrode.

Gardening & Farming: Plants become more Greenish & Healthy.

Pets & Cattle: Suitable for Aquarium. Purified Water for Drinking & Bathing of Pets & Cattle.

Swimming Pool: Free of Chlorine water for Swimming. No Scale deposit in Pools.

Garage: Their will be no dissolved minerals in the water , so your car will shine always.